Faced by increasing pressures on the national health system, NHS leaders are making the shift towards an evidence-based decision-making process to streamline and maximise resources for a better health and care delivery, as well as to promote healthier populations.

The HSJ Health & Care Intelligence Congress will gather 150+ senior healthcare decision-makers from across the country for a day to discuss practical strategies to advance the uptake of evidence-based decision-making to tackle financial pressures, workforce challenges, population health management, health inequalities and much more.

Join this unique gathering of NHS leaders, clinical and operational decision-makers, and the senior analyst community, and together overcome the challenges of achieving better outcomes through making smarter decisions.





Congress themes

Policy and national guidance updates

Delegates will hear from NHSE leaders about the national prioritise regarding data and analytics for better health, getting a fresh update on the progress for the highly expected Federated Data Platform and reflect on what it means for them and their organisation.

Realising the value of analytics to move intelligence from a reporting function to a change enabler

Discussing practical ways in which you and your organisation can change the way you use data to optimise decision-making across operations and health and care delivery. Hear from others about what they have done and how they are pushing the Health Prevention and Population Health Management agendas forward.

Using data responsibly: the ethical, governance, public involvement and regulatory considerations:

Make sure you understand all the ethical and governance considerations to collecting, storing and sharing patient data. Protect your patients from potential security threats whilst encouraging better use of data to advance research and population health.

Better data for better decisions: gathering the right data, preventing data bias and driving system-wide intelligence

Discuss data strategy with your peers and benchmark practices whilst learning from experiences across the country. Explore ways to drive system-wide intelligence and build a greater understanding of both population health needs and opportunities to improve system efficiency.

Better decisions & outcomes: data-driven service and workforce redesign, tackling inequalities & evidence-based efficiency

Discover how to make better use of comprehensive and contextualised datasets to gain deeper insight into individual patients and your local community and learn more about data and analytics system capabilities to enable you to ask the right questions of your analyst colleagues.

Discover the data and analytics opportunities from across the wider life science sector and learn how collaboration can support evidence-based decision-making and improve outcomes. Identify and realise opportunities for improved efficiency – Determine how data can transform service delivery, reduce time to diagnosis and treatment, and ultimately ensure your patients get the care they need.

Practical workshops:
practical AI applications, realising the benefits of data science for clinicians

This is for in-depth intimate discussions, exchange and practical tips to take away to your organisation.